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McNelly Pickups Stagger Swagger Humbucker

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McNelly Handwound Pickups LogoTim McNelly started work as a custom guitar builder, but as calls started coming in, he & his team turned their focus to handwinding their premium grade pickups. These days they have a huge list of high end builders using their pickups exclusively in their custom guitars & we bring them to you here at ObsidianWire.

We have a huge amount of respect for Tim's attention to detail, & recommend you give them a try.

Sometimes you don't know what's missing until you find it. That seems to be the case with the Stagger Swaggers.

Since their introduction, we keep hearing from customers that they are the best sounding pickups they have ever heard.  ---  Gosh, thanks! :)

That's a little vague, though. Here's what you can realistically expect: They do away with the old "have your cake and eat it" dilemma. They have all the dynamics and sizzle of true single coil pickups in a humbucker replacement size. They're crisp and clear, but ballsy. They also happened to be noise-cancelling. Go ahead, eat up!

1 15/16" string spacing



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