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McNelly Tele® Bridge Pickup | A5 Signature Plus

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McNelly Handwound Pickups LogoTim McNelly started work as a custom guitar builder, but as calls started coming in, he & his team turned their focus to handwinding their premium grade pickups. These days they have a huge list of high end builders using their pickups exclusively in their custom guitars & we bring them to you here at ObsidianWire.

We have a huge amount of respect for Tim's attention to detail, & recommend you give them a try.

The Alnico 5 Signature Plus. A Higher Output Tele Pickup

The Alnico 5 Signature is higher output than traditional vintage styles. Tight bass, present mids, and a conveniently subdued treble. It's there if you want it, but you're in control. If I were Leo, this is what I would have made in 1950.




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