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The Solderless
Guitar Wiring Harness

Pro-Wired Guitar Electronics
NEW FOR 2022

✔ Built for Humbucker Loaded Telecasters
✔ 4 Optimized Modes (HH, HS, SH & SS)
✔ Improves humbucker clarity
✔ Split Coil Upgrade Option

Easy Install
NO Soldering

Quick and easy install... without touching a soldering iron.

✔ Solder-less Install
✔ Solder-less Pickup Changes
✔ Do it Yourself

At Obsidian® we build your new pro-wired guitar electronics with super sturdy and easy to use solder-less connectors.

That means that you can install your new wiring harness, or do solder-less pickup changes at home.

ObsidianWire Solder-less wiring harness for HSS Stratocaster. Full sized banner image.
Exceptional Clarity
Superior Sound

Obsidian® pro-wired guitar electronics are designed and built for superior sound.

✔ Greater clarity
✔ Improved range of control
✔ New switching options
✔ Greater tonal diversity

We can also supply you with a range different guitar wiring kits and switching options to increase the number of possible sounds you can get from your guitar or bass.

Only the best
Exceptional Quality

Obsidian® is super passionate about producing the absolute best guitar wiring harness

✔ Custom Spec CTS® Pots (+/10%)
✔ Oak® Switches
✔ Switchcraft® Jacks
✔ Polyester Film Capacitors

We only use the absolute best parts to build your new wiring harness, and we build them a little differently to make them extremely robust

We back this up with a full 5 Year Warranty

"At Obsidian® we set out to produce the world's best guitar wiring harness....

and we make them completely solder-less "

- Mathew, Owner

Player Reviews

Once I added the new control my guitar sounded so much better...


Crystal clear tones and the guitar has never sounded so so good! Worth every penny!


Wire install is a cinch. Push tab, shove wire in...done!

Gary Ball
5 Year Warranty

At Obsidian® we love what we do and stand by it with pride.

We offer a full 5 Year replacement Warranty on all Obsidian® guitar electronics and wiring mods.