Big Knurl Brass Knobs for Tele® / P Bass® (Chrome)

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ObsidianWire Big Knurl Brass Knobs with set screws (Set of Two)

These are Super High quality brass knobs with big thick knurls.

They are the perfect fit for ObsidianWire for Tele® & ObsidianWire for P Bass® as well as many other guitars using US spec guitars such as Fender® Tele® & Basses.




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Gianni Orlati 17th Jul 2018

MIA knurled telecaster or P bass knobs

These knobs are required by all who want to install an Obsidian Wire harness onto a MIJ P bass. Japanese worked with radio pots they could find on their market as they were produced there. As s consequence, the shaft of these pots have a different diameter when compared to the corresponding American ones; moreover they are generally splined whereas the MIA ones are smooth, only relying on the side screw to let the knob stay in position. These guys are not the only thing you need to install the harness on MIJ P basses ... the Japanese pickguard hokes gave Aldo been sized for thdxsnakler diameter of the true ant pots shaft ... hence the holes dia. shall be increased using a drill or an original MIA pickguard shall be installed. I went the second option and I purchased the knobs from here. They were delivered to Itg in less than 10 days. Satisfied.

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