Solder-less Guitar & Bass Pickup Change

Something we are often asked about with regards to our ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics is 'guitar and bass pickup changes', and more specifically, do our products make them any easier.

The simple answer is Yes. In fact it is a whole heap easier. And solder-less too.

Well before ObsidianWire became a concept we started experimenting with the electronics in our own guitars. Partly because we had heard that improvements could be had, but mainly because we enjoyed breaking things for the sake of building them again, just a little better.

We soon realized that the stock wiring that comes in a factory model guitar or bass, no matter how expensive, was something that could be greatly improved upon, whether it be because the quality was bad, or the just because the circuit was not a good match for the player.

The soldering iron soon became our most used tool.

Then there was a turning point. A Lace Sensor® Burgundy. Having hurriedly installed it in my own Number 1. Strat® for the promised fatter bridge tone, packing away the soldering iron, and patting myself on the back for a job well done, I went off to bed. After finally stringing up, stretching out the strings and plugging in I found to my disgust that I had installed it out of phase with my Fender® Custom 69s, giving a bridge/middle switch position that we would all describe as nasally.

At that moment, with a blow to the ego, I realized that, where there had been love for soldering there was now none. I had now, just as quickly as I had learned to solder, learned to understand those who did not want to go anywhere near it.

A concept was born. A true professional grade wiring harness that would give you all of the benefits of a custom wiring harness, built with all of world’s best components that conveniently meant you would never have to solder another damn thing.

From there the path was cut clear, laid down and marched along until after much sweat and blood (a few cuts and scrapes are part of the design process) our first ObsidianWire Stratocaster® Upgrade was released.

ObsidianWire Stratocaster Harness

Admittedly it was a little ugly but it worked better than any other wiring we had ever seen, and as hoped the install was super easy and secure. Most important of all, a little more than six months on from the turning point, the first ObsidianWire wiring harness ever produced, was placed straight into my Number 1. Strat, and that damn Lace Sensor® Burgundy was re-wired back in phase.

Now alongside customers all over the world we are once again able to freely experiment with pickup changes that are quicker than ever before, 100% solder-less and a little more pleasing to the eye than our initial release.

For reference, that Lace Sensor® Burgundy was not for me. Back to a full set of Fender custom 69s with our Blender Strat set, so I can round out the harsh bridge trebles with the sweet neck pickup.

Image: The first ever ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics back with the Fender Custom 69s and still going strong in my Number 1. Strat.

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