Pro-Wire Your Bass

The Solder-less Bass® Wiring Harness

Pro-Wired Electronics for Your Bass®

Solder-less Install
Superb Clarity
World's best Components & Craftsmanship
Easy Install and Pickup Changes 

ObsidianWire has been building solder-less wiring harnesses for Bass
since 2015. We offer super popular vintage wiring options for Precision Bass®
and Jazz Bass®

Every ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Wiring Harness for Bass uses only the best components, sounds great and is super easy to install with 100% solder-less Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors.

 Plug, Play & Enjoy...

Why Obsidian?

Superior Sound

Every Obsidian harness has been designed and built for greater clarity and control.

Solderless Install

Achieve a quick and easy install using the Obsidian solderless connectors.

Premium Quality

At Obsidian we use only the best parts, deigns and build techniques for a superior wiring harness.

Industry Leading
5 Year Warranty

At ObsidianWire we love what we do and stand by it with pride. We offer a full 5 Year replacement Warranty on all Obsidian products