Pro-Wire Your Tele®

NEW for 2022

✔ Built for Humbucker Loaded Telecasters
✔ 4 Optimized Modes (HH, HS, SH & SS)
✔ Improves humbucker clarity
✔ Split Coil Upgrade Option

4 Way switching // Humbucker mode

✔ Custom '4-Way' Control Layout
✔ Play Both Pickups in Humbucker Mode
✔ Improved Clarity

The Improved '3-Way' Harness

✔ Vintage '3-Way' Switching
✔ Improved Clarity
✔ Smoother Volume & Tone Control

The '7-Way' Nashville Upgrade

✔Custom Built for 3 Pickup 'Nashville' Telecasters
✔'7 Way switching' Neck + Bridge Combo
✔ Solderless Install

Pickup Layout

The Solderless Tele® Wiring Harness

Obsidian® has been building solder-less Telecaster® wiring harnesses since 2014. We currently offer three superb Tele® wiring kits in the Traditional Vintage wiring kit for those who like to keep things simple, to the Custom 4-Way set for those who need more from their Tele® wiring, and the new True Vintage 52, for where original is everything.

Every set of Obsidian® Pro-Wired Tele electronics uses only the best components such as CTS ® pots, Switchcraft® jacks, Oak® switches and mylar polyester capacitors.

Your new Obsidian® Telecaster® wiring harness is guarunteed to sound, great, is backed up by a 5 year warranty and is super easy to install with 100% solder-less Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors. Plug, Play & Enjoy...