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Custom HSS for Strat®

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The ObsidianWire Custom HSS for Fender® Stratocaster® is a drop in upgrade over your existing HSS / Fat Strat® wiring harness. It is built with a couple of cool features designed to take your playing experience more than a few notches up on the fun scale.

Best of all, these are super easy to install, and allow for unlimited solder-less pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, Play and Enjoy connectors.

The genius of the Custom HSS Harness

When building a Strat with a humbucker in the bridge position, and two single coils for the middle and neck positions respectively, there is always ta toss up between choosing 500k controls which will retain the life of a humbucker, or 250k controls which will tame the harsh highs that are inherent in single coils.

We say 'why choose? '. The ObsidianWire Custom HSS has some clever wiring, which harnesses the power of a 5 way superswitch, and a couple of extra resistors to add new life to your humbucker, as it sees the 500k controls that it deserves. Move through the switch positions it and automatically switches back to 250k for the middle and neck pickups so you still get the full and clear rhythm and spank that Stratocasters® are famous for.

Furthermore, when you move your switch into the second position the humbucker coils split with one of them pairing up with the middle pickup for a traditional second position Strat tone. To take advantage of this feature you will need a four conductor bridge pickup which is standard issue for many modern and even vintage re-production releases.

To make your tone crystal clear at lower volumes we also include an ObsidianWire Custom Spec Treble Bleed Mod. This prevents tone 'muddiness' at low volumes by allowing high frequencies to pass along a separate path to your amp, rather than being stopped short by the increasing resistance at the volume control.

The Custom HSS Controls:

  • 1: Bridge Humbucker in Full Mode (With 500k controls and dedicated second tone control)
  • 2: Bridge Humbucker in Split mode + Middle Pickup (With 250k Controls and first tone control)
  • 3: Middle Pickup (With 250k Controls and first tone control)
  • 4: Middle Pickup + Neck Pickup (With 250k Controls and first tone control)
  • 5: Neck Pickup (With 250k Controls and first tone control)

We build ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics using the world’s best craftsmanship and components:

  • 3 x ObsidianWire Custom Select Pots (Crafted by CTS) 250k + 500k (+/-6%) (Matched to +/-2%) SPLIT SHAFT
  • 1 x Genuine Oak Grigsby 5-Way Super Switch
  • 1 x Genuine Switchcraft J11 Mono Output jack
  • 1 x ObsidianWire Custom Select 150 Series Polyester Film Capacitor (0.047) (Hand Tested to +/-10%)
  • 1 x ObsidianWire Custom Select 150 Series Polyester Film Capacitor (0.022) (Hand Tested to +/-10%)
  • 1 x Premium Selected Volume Mod / Treble Bleed Kit for Improved Volume Taper & Clarity
  • 1 x Pre Printed & Easy to Follow Wiring Diagram
  • 1 x Endless Customer Support


ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics for Strat, are designed to be a direct fit for American and Mexican series Fender Stratocasters. We cannot guarantee that these will fit any other guitar.

These are also excellent upgrades for Japanese Fender & Squier Guitars with some adjustment. In the least you will need to widen the holes in the pick-guard out to around 3/8" or 10mm & get new US spec control knobs for the higher grade electronics.

At ObsidianWire we use US spec, 24 spline, split shaft controls. Using the incorrect size knobs can, and will damage your controls. We recommend that you check your knobs are the correct size and replace them if necessary. If your knobs do not press on easily, slightly crimp the top of the pots shaft together to improve the fit.



Reviews (10)

Mike 5th Jun 2018

Hello!! Installed a Custom HSS in my Strat.

Hello!! Installed a Custom HSS in my Strat. Just want to report that it's awesome!! Very well made and love the ability to control humbucker tone now. Solder-less is the way to go. Love the included picks too!!

Ted 7th May 2018

Completely revamped

These is a great way to get more out of your strat. I have purchased all new pickups over the past year and still was not getting the desired "spanky" tone. This wiring harness is perfect. I love the tonal possibilities. A necessary upgrade to make your MIM strat pro quality. Also, thanks guys for sending me a black pickup cover :)

Additional Info

Additional Info

At ObsidianWire we use only the absolute best components and craftsmanship. We are so confident that you will experience years of trouble free use, that we guarantee it with an industry leading, three year warranty. If you feel that your Pro-Wired Electronics are not working like they should, please contact us and we will fix or replace them as soon as possible.