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Custom SC (Split Coil) for Les Paul® Incl Switch

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ObsidianWire Custom SC (Split Coil) Pro-Wired Electronics for Les Paul® are a pop in replacement for your old Gibson® Les Paul® wiring harness. It adds valuable flexibility by allowing you to split your humbuckers into single coils for classic, low output spank.    (requires 4 conductor pickups)

Best of all, these are super easy to install, and allow for unlimited solder-less pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, Play and Enjoy connectors.

ObsidianWire SC Switching

The ObsidianWire SC set allows you to individually split your humbucker pickups into single coils, allowing for Strat® or Tele® like tones without changing pickups. Each pickup has its own switch, so you can split each one on its own, or both at the same time.

Best of all, the switch is incorporated into the volume controls, so there is no need to drill additional holes. Just pull up the corresponding volume control and the magic is done. Press it down, and you are back to the full humbucker power.

Both Switches Down (Traditional LP)

Position 1: Bridge Humbucker
Position 2: Bridge Humbucker + Neck Humbucker
Position3: Neck Humbucker

Both Switches Up

Position 1: Bridge Single Coil
Position 2: Bridge Single Coil + Neck Single Coil
Position3: Neck Single Coil

Neck Volume Switch Up - Bridge Volume Switch Down

Position 1: Bridge Humbucker
Position 2: Bridge Humbucker + Neck Single Coil
Position3: Neck Single Coil

Neck Volume Switch Down + Bridge Volume Switch Up

Position 1: Bridge Single Coil
Position 2: Bridge Single Coil + Neck Humbucker
Position3: Neck Humbucker

Available with 50s or 60s wiring:

There is global respect for the traditional vintage 50's way of wiring Les Pauls as well as the more modern and current production 60s set up. The ObsidianWire Custom SC for Les Paul is available in either, with the choice being a matter of personal preference.

ObsidianWire 50s - Super Sweet to Full on Growls and Moans

The ObsidianWire 50s wiring allows for subtle amount of treble roll off when using the volume control which makes it perfect moving between sweet clean tones to full on crunch & lead. The tone and volume controls also become more interactive, so the tone control will slightly affect the volume and vice versa.

ObsidianWire 60s - Cut Through at Any Volume

The ObsidianWire 60s wiring retains treble when you roll back the volume control allowing you to retain your overall tone and cut through at lower volumes. The controls are more intuitive with the 60s set, with the tone control changing tone and the volume control changing the volume.

ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics are built using the world’s best craftsmanship and components:

  • 2 x Premium Selected CTS Split Shaft Pots 500k (+/-6%) (Matched to +/-2%) (Long Shaft with extra nuts can be used with long shaft or short shaft guitars)
  • 2 x Premium Selected CTS Split Shaft Push / Pull Pots 500k (+/-6%) (Matched to +/-2%)
  • 1 x Genuine Switchcraft Short Toggle Switch (Pro-Wired for use in Gibson® Les Pauls® + Epiphone® Les Pauls® with a little modification)
  • 2 x Obsidian Select Capacitors (150 Series Polyester Film 0.022uf) (Hand Tested to +/-10%)
  • 1 x Genuine Switchcraft J11 Mono Output jack
  • 1 x Pre Printed & Easy to Follow Wiring Diagram
  • 1 x Endless Customer Support


Requires 4 conductor pickups - Will work without split coil capability with regular two conductor pickups.

ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics for Les Paul, are designed to be a direct fit for American Gibson® Les Pauls®.

They can also be used and are a great upgrade for Epiphone® Les Pauls. Please note that for Epiphones you will need to widen the holes in the body for the higher grade, US spec electronics and get new 24 spline knobs to fit. Attempting to use your old metric knobs will damage your new Pro-Wired Electronics.



Reviews (5)

Ciro 13th Jun 2018

Almost perfect.

My Gibson Les Paul gained tons of harmonics and volume once I installed the Obsidianwire pcb. The difference of quality with the original Gibson pcb, pots and switch is so dramatic that you don't even need to be a musician to hear it. I did not give five stars just because the installation was clearly less easy than expected. Instructions are clear and even a child would understand how to connect everything, but the concrete execution of the job is somewhat uncomfortable.

Kevin 8th Jun 2018

Amazing LP wiring harness

I tried a coil-splitting wiring harness from another manufacturer in my 2014 Gibson Les Paul Peace and was very was ungrounded internally and buzzed whenever you weren't touching metal on the guitar. I sent it back and gave up on coil splitting for a while. After trying lots of aftermarket pickups, I wanted to set up my LP as an 'all-rounder' with the ability to get clear bell-like chime from coil splitting. This ObsidianWire wiring harness rules! The CTS pots bring out some kind of magic from the pickups because my tone is noticeably better then before with the exact same pickups. Not 'brighter', but somehow clearer, more articulate and 3D sounding. Also my Seymour Duncan 59N and Custom Custom both sound amazing coil split! And the 50's wiring allows me to clean up both pickups with a roll of the guitar volume, without muddying up the tone. And the no-solder design makes pickup changes a breeze! I tried out 6 different pickups in less than an hour; normally that would take hours soldering and unsoldering, and using the solder wicker, not to mention accidental burns etc. 100% satisified...don't waste any more time thinking about it, go out and get one for your LP right now! I only wish there was one for my SG Standard :)

Additional Info

Additional Info

At ObsidianWire we use only the absolute best components and craftsmanship. We are so confident that you will experience years of trouble free use, that we guarantee it with an industry leading, three year warranty. If you feel that your Pro-Wired Electronics are not working like they should, please contact us and we will fix or replace them as soon as possible.