50s & 60s® LP Wiring IN ONE 

Auto select between Vintage 50's LP® & Modern 60s LP® Wiring

Selectable 50s & 60s Wiring

ObsidianWire MK II  Wiring for LP - Switches
The new ObsidianWire MKII Wiring Harness for Les Paul®, allows you to auto switch between 50s & 60s wiring layouts, without having to take anything apart or do any soldering. 

Just flick the dedicated switch to select your preffered option.

Each pickup gets its own switch, so you can even run 50's wiring on the neck and 60's wiring on the bridge & vica versa.

Vintage 50s LP Wiring

Rich Warm Clean Tones & growling crunch.

 The 50's LP® wiring mod is a super popular upgrade that reverts your LP® wiring harness to the glory days of the Vintage Les Paul®.

It allows for the perfect amount of treble roll off when you wind back the volume control, for smoothly moving between warm clean tones and growling crunch. 

Modern 60s LP Wiring

Clarity at All Volumes & Searing Leads

The ObsidianWire Modern 60s wiring is an improved formula compared to standard modern LP® wiring, designed to prevent treble loss when you roll back the volume.

The result is greater clarity and cut through at all volume levels.

Vintage MKII for Les Paul®