ObsidianWire ISO Derlinex 0.8mm Pick (Pack 12)

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These are the same frequently requested ObsidianWire Derlinex™ picks that we send out with your new Pro-Wired Electronics. 

They are manufactured from a premium grade of acetal polymer and feature a matte finish to prevent slippage.They are highly resistant to wear, perfect for any serious guitarist. The ISO shape features high shoulders for a larger gripping surface.




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Gerald 1st Jan 2017

My Favorite Picks!

I initially received 2 of these picks when I ordered my first wiring kit from Obsidian Wire. I had tried numerous picks over the years and was very happy with my current picks but decided to give the ones from Obsidian a try. These picks blew me away. Very easy to hold and had a very comfortable feel to them as well as feeling extremely durable. After using them for a while I ordered some additional ones when I ordered a 2nd wiring kit. These are my new go to picks. Give them a try!

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