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True Vintage 50s Les Paul Wiring Harness

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    True Vintage 50s - 50s Les Paul Wiring Harness
    True Vintage 50s - 50s Les Paul Wiring Harness
    True Vintage 50s - Solderless Connector
    True Vintage 50s - 50s Les Paul Tone Control
    ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Les Paul Switch

    Product Details


    Super Easy, Solder-less Install
    All Obsidian® Pro-Wired Electronics are super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with Obsidian® Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors.

    Key Features: 

     Traditional 50's Control Layout
     Volume Controls Slightly Reduce Treble for perfect clean tones
    ✔ Improved Clarity & Control 
     Includes Pro-Wired Switch

     Fits Gibson® Les Paul®
     Fits Most Epiphone® Les Paul® with adjustments

    Les Paul 50s Wiring

    Convert your Les Paul® back to a true 50s wiring setup, coveted by many as the best LP® wiring available.

    As you roll back your volume you will notice that the treble loss is greatly reduced to a much smoother level. This turns your volume control into the perfect tool for rolling between a super sweet clean tone with just the very top end knocked off, to a full on Les Paul style onslaught, with all of the growl and moan that the Les Paul is famous for.

    Further more, by placing the tone control back behind the volume control, the two start to interact more dynamically with a turn of each affecting the response of the other.


    Potentiometers: Obsidian® Custom CTS® 500k Pots (+/-10%) Split Shaft / 24 Spline
    Capacitors: (Obsidian® Little Red 0.022uf) (+/-5%)
    Switch: Obsidian® Select Pro-Wired Toggle Switch
    Jack: Pro-Wired Switchcraft® J11 Mono


    Fits: Gibson® Les Paul® 
    Fits: MOST Epiphone® Les Paul® (Requires new knobs and wider holes as below)

    Always Check.... Layout Guide

    Hole Size: 3/8" (9.5mm) mounting holes
    Knobs: Use Only US spec 24 spline knobs (Do NOT use metric / 'Import' style knobs
    Pickups: Works with Humbuckers and P90s // with modern or vintage braided wires.
    Coil Splitting: Requires Compatible four conductor pickups

    Does NOT fit: Lefty, three pickup Les Paul®, or any other guitar or Les Paul® Copy.




    For install help and other resources please go to our Info Hub.

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