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Lambertones Loaded Pickguard for Strat®

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A Collaboration between Lambertones & ObsidianWire // The Lambertones Custom Loaded Pickguard

Super Easy, Solder-less Install

  • Lambertones Loaded Pickguard
  • Built with Obsidian® Pro-Wired™ Electronics
  • Your choice of Lambertones pickups
  • Fully shielded pro-grade Obsidian® pickguard

Construction personnalisée : Expédié sous 6 à 12 jours ouvrables

Expédié depuis : ObsidianWire, Nouvelle-Zélande

Lambertones Loaded Pickguard for Strat®
ObsidianWire prewired pickguard with 1 ply black and parchment white knobs and pickup covers
Lambertones Loaded Pickguard for Strat®
Lambertones Loaded Pickguard for Strat®
Lambertones Loaded Pickguard for Strat®

You Design It, We Build It...

Lambertones Loaded Pickguard for Strat®

A Collaboration between Lambertones & ObsidianWire // The Lambertones Custom Loaded Pickguard

Super Easy, Solder-less Install

  • Lambertones Loaded Pickguard
  • Built with Obsidian® Pro-Wired™ Electronics
  • Your choice of Lambertones pickups
  • Fully shielded pro-grade Obsidian® pickguard

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Le câblage

Option 1. SSS // ObsidianWire™ Custom Blender for Strat®

  • Stratocaster Blender Mod
  • Play Neck + Bridge Pickups Together
  • Master Tone
  • Master Volume

With a master volume and master tone control the Custom Blender Harness packs your traditional Strat® tones into a smaller space, leaving the third tone control free.

This becomes the blender control, adding the ability to blend the neck and bridge pickups in together. This is amazing for adding a range of musical mids to your lead tone (like the bell like effects David Gilmour gets in his signature Strat) or for adding some twang to your rhythm, just like you find in the middle position on a Tele®. When you need a complete wall of sound, you can even mix all three pickups together by flicking the five way switch to position 2 or 4

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Option 2. HSS // Custom Lambertones HSS for Strat®

  • A Lambertones // ObsidianWire™ Collab.
  • Custom built for HSS Strat®
  • TUNABLE SPLIT COIL (for fuller single coil sounds)
  • Pickup Matched Tone Controls (500k & 250k)
  • IGNEOS™ Firm Grip Pots
  • Fits Fender® HSS Strat®
  • Fits Squier® HSS Strat® with Adjustments

The Custom Lambertones HSS is the result of a design collaboration between Lambertones Pickups, and ObsidianWire, with a TUNABLE SPLIT COIL control for your humbucker, and Obsidians new range of super sturdy, 'Firm Grip' IGNEOS™ tone and volume controls.

Les micros

Option 1. SSS // Lambertones Triple Shot

Based on John Mayer's favorite 1964 vintage Strat, but with enhanced clarity and consistency. Alnico magnets paired with a unique wire and tension combination produce beautifully smooth and velvety lead lines. The Triple Shot features a slightly chunky and springy low-end, clean and crisp highs, massive quack in positions 2/4, and all without a heavy and overbearing mid-range.

Neck 3.6k / Mid 4.15k / Bridge 3.95k DCR

Option 2. HSS // Lambertones Triple Shot & Grinder

The Triple Shot set as above with the upgrade to a Lambertones 'Grinder' humbucker in the bridge (Nickel Cover)

The GRINDER is higher output, and has been compared to a vintage P.A.F. with a modern flare. The GRINDER pushes breakup at the source while still maintaining incredible note articulation.

Neck 3.6k / Mid 4.15k / 6.05k (AlNiCo VIII)

The Look

Choose your favorite pickguard and knob combo.

Need inspiration?

Check out some of our favorite combos Here


Installation de Pickguard chargé sans soudure

Installation sans soudure

Tous les pickguards chargés en Obsidian® permettent une installation rapide et facile sans soudure à l'aide de notre propre électronique Pro-Wired™ sans soudure


Les pickguards chargés en Obsidian ® pour Stratocaster® sont conçus pour s'adapter parfaitement aux corps Fender Strat® modernes avec des pickguards à 11 trous. D'autres corps, y compris Squier, l'importation et les guitares de type après-vente peuvent nécessiter des ajustements au routage ou au placement des trous de vis.

  • Modèle de trou de montage : Modern Fender 11 trous
  • Acheminement de la cavité de contrôle : s'adapte à l'authentique Fender Stratocaster
    D'autres guitares peuvent nécessiter un ajustement
  • Profondeur de la cavité : Minimum 34 mm (1,26")
    Le câblage à 7 voies nécessite toujours une cavité pleine profondeur autour des commandes de tonalité
  • Acheminement de la cavité de ramassage : vérifiez la compatibilité du ramassage avant de commander. Les pickguards chargés de humbucker nécessitent un acheminement de humbucker pleine taille.

The Shipping

ObsidianWire Custom Shop Item:

This item is part of our Custom Shop range, built to order, one at a time in Christchurch New Zealand.

Build Time: 5 - 10 Business Days

We aim to build all custom shop orders within 5 - 10 business days (excludes weekends and public holiday). If we expect any delays we will let you know as soon as possible.

Shipping: Ships direct from Christchurch, New Zealand

All custom shop items ship direct from Christchurch, New Zealand. Please allow extra time for International shipping. Check for additional info on our shipping policies below

Shipping Policies

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matt Fragale (Matthews, US)
Really great

TL;DR: Everything went great and the guitar sounds amazing now. 1000% improvement over the cheap Amazon loaded pickguard I replaced with this.

Used this loaded pickguard as part of my second attempt at rebuilding an inexpensive guitar. I originally used an el cheapo Amazon loaded pickguard and it sounded... I dunno.... not musical. The cheapo Amazon thing had good reviews, so possible I did something wrong or maybe just got a dud, but I couldn't make it work well. My expectations of it were about as low as my confidence in building this thing, but the switch didn't seem to work correctly and the tone controls didn't seem to work well either. It didn't seem like it was working correctly on top of not sounding good. Felt like maybe a ground problem, but I couldn't see anything obvious. Lesson learned about cheap Amazon stuff, I suppose.

Soooo I did more looking around and found these Obsidian Wire loaded pickguards. Watched a lot of videos and did a lot of reading of reviews and such and pulled the trigger.
Loaded this up and wired up the output and the ground wire. Did my set up on the guitar and just wow. It sounds amazing. I mean, obviously choice of pickups is important so if you think you'd be happy with the toneriders as I was, then you can't go too wrong with this set up. Just out of the box, it was perfect. Installation is a breeze and all the bits included are high quality and the pre-wiring is perfect. If you have specific pickups in mind, then I imagine just buying the electronics would also be helpful. Wiring so much cleaner and simpler than doing all the soldering. Not to mention easier to change stuff out if you want.

Also, the description is very specific about what guitars it will fit into. I used this in a 2008 Starcaster by Fender, which was probably purchased from Target for $150 including an amplifier. It was the big box store version of the Squier line, back in the day. The body is not quite full depth, but the routed out control cavities are full depth and this fit fine. The only adjustment I had to make was to fill and re-drill a few (like 4) of the pickguard mounting holes and trim 1mm off the guard where the bridge meets it to allow the vibrato to pivot without contacting it. However, I also replaced the vibrato with something aftermarket so it may have fit the original stamped piece. I don't know since I didn't' try. Otherwise, everything fit perfectly. So, you know... if you have something non-standard, do the measurements and with a little patience and perhaps a power tool or two, you can probably make this work.

On a side note, excellent communication from the company when I had a question prior to shipping. They were helpful and friendly and answered my question in a timely manner. Much appreciated! Great company to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again. Thanks, Obsidian people!

Lenin Silverio (Fremont, US)
Awesome company, Great Service!

ObsidianWire is an awesome company with great customer service and a very helpful staff.
When I modify or build another guitar I'm definitely coming back.
Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Pickguards Pro-Wired™

  • Installation sans soudure

    Installation rapide et facile grâce au câblage sans soudure Obsidian®

  • Conçu pour Strat®

    Conçu pour être une mise à niveau complète pour votre Stratocaster ®

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