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Designing, crafting and perfecting the world of guitar electronics since 2014.
He asked
Surely, there must be a better way?

Spoiler Alert: There was....

ObsidianWire wizard Mathew working on a guitar


In 2014, and rocking a day job, Mathew was fiddling with his custom Strat & installing a new set of single coil pickups. As he reached for his soldering iron, he thought 'There must be a better way?'

There was, and it was SOLDER-LESS

He immediately set to, making phone calls and drawing up concepts. His guitar sat untouched, guts out, until the first prototype arrived.

It worked perfectly, and within minutes, a world class set of pro-wired electronics was installed, without a single solder burn, or wretched solder fume.

Mathew decided to ask the world for their thoughts on his new creation. He did as anybody would do in 2014 and asked the the hoards on Facebook, what they thought. He didn't check back in before skipping away on holiday, but returned, to hundreds of responses.

It was fate, and so Obsidian® was born.


We have since moved out of the spare bedroom
and into a proper workshop, but we are still a family business.

Matt and Caitlin run things behind the scenes,
from designing and perfecting the electronics, to helping players get their
guitars perfected, as well as providing a range of web resources and beautiful

We also have
three fantastic staff members taking care of producing your new
electronics with world class standards, for world class quality.

The range has grown too, with options for a growing numbers of guitars, and thousands of players around the world, now belting out tunes with Obsidian®.

Mathew, Caitlin & The Team

at Obsidian®


Unit D , 3 Avenger Crescent, Wigram 8042
Christchurch, New Zealand

+64 (0)22 1925 874

Orders ship from Michigan, USA

Super Easy
Solder-less Install

All Obsidian®Pro-Wired Electronics are super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with Obsidian®Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors.

You can do this yourself.

The Best. Every Time.
Quality Build

We take pride in producing the absolute best, using custom specified parts and perfected techniques to ensure that your harness will be an upgrade for you and your guitar. Every time.

ObsidianWire Solder-less wiring harness for HSS Stratocaster. Full sized banner image.
Industry Leading
5 Year Warranty

At Obsidian® we love what we do and stand by it with pride. We offer a full 5 Year replacement Warranty on all Obsidian® products