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The Solder-less Guitar
Wiring Harness

Pro-Wired Electronics for Guitar & Bass
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Strat® Wiring

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Solderless guitar wiring upgrades

The top selling guitar wiring mods by ObsidianWire

Now Stocking Pickups

ObsidianWire now stocks pickups by Seymour Duncan and ToneRider

The Solder-less Guitar Wiring Harness

"At ObsidianWire we set out to produce the world's best guitar wiring harness, and because we can, we make them completely solder-less "

- Mathew, Owner

Easy Install
NO Soldering Required

Quick and easy install without touching a soldering iron.

At ObsidianWire we build Pro-Wired Electronics for guitar and bass, with super sturdy and easy to use solder-less connectors.

That means that you can install your new wiring harness, or do solder-less pickup changes, without having to set aside much more time than a string change.

ObsidianWire Solder-less wiring harness for HSS Stratocaster. Full sized banner image.
Exceptional Clarity
Superior Sound

Obsidian guitar wiring mods are designed for superior sound, with improved clarity and control.

Each and every Obsidian harness has been designed to give you a greater range of control with more useable dials, and allows you to achieve a greater range of sounds from your guitar with new wiring options and superb clarity.

Only the best
Exceptional Quality

Our team is super passionate about producing the absolute best guitar wiring.

We only use the absolute best parts to build your new wiring harness, and we build them a little differently to make them extremely robust.

We back this up with a full 5 Year Warranty

Player Reviews

Once I added the new control my guitar sounded so much better...


Crystal clear tones and the guitar has never sounded so so good! Worth every penny!


Wire install is a cinch. Push tab, shove wire in...done!

Gary Ball

This is a great product that makes changing the electronics of your guitar extremely easy.

Oscar Rollan

Beyond impressed! Truly a drop in upgrade! The quality is amazing. 

Kevin Wolf
5 Year Warranty

At ObsidianWire we love what we do and stand by it with pride.

We offer a full 5 Year replacement Warranty on all Obsidian guitar electronics and wiring mods.