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'Black on Black' HSS Loaded Pickguard for Strat®

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The Ultimate HSS Loaded Pickguard for your Stratocaster Super Easy, Solder-less Install

  • Obsidian® Custom HSS Gen2 Electronics 7-Way // Gilmour Mod Switching
  • Includes 7-Way Upgrade // Gilmour Mod
  • Tonerider® 'THE OVERWOUND' HSS Pickups
  • Fully Shielded 3 Ply Black Obsidian® Pickguard
  • High Quality Obsidian® Knobs & Pickup Covers (Black)
  • Comprehensive Wiring & Pickup Upgrade

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Versand aus: ObsidianWire, Neuseeland


You Design It, We Build It...

'Black on Black' HSS Loaded Pickguard for Strat®

The Ultimate HSS Loaded Pickguard for your Stratocaster Super Easy, Solder-less Install

  • Obsidian® Custom HSS Gen2 Electronics 7-Way // Gilmour Mod Switching
  • Includes 7-Way Upgrade // Gilmour Mod
  • Tonerider® 'THE OVERWOUND' HSS Pickups
  • Fully Shielded 3 Ply Black Obsidian® Pickguard
  • High Quality Obsidian® Knobs & Pickup Covers (Black)
  • Comprehensive Wiring & Pickup Upgrade

More Info...

Die Verkabelung

Premium HSS Strat Wiring Harness - With 7 Way Upgrade

Our all new 'Gen2' HSS Strat wiring harness incorporates intelligent switching to give you the full clarity of your humbuckers AND tame your single coils, more useable tone and volume controls, greater clarity.


Optimized for humbuckers & single coils. When building an HSS Stratocaster, there is a toss-up between choosing 500k controls to retain the life of a humbucker, or 250k controls to balance brighter single coils.

We use Obsidian® Intelligent Switching to give you the absolute best of both your humbuckers and single coils with a wiring harness that will automatically switch between the two.


A balanced humbucker & single coil combo. Achieving the right balance between your humbuckers and single coils is an important part of hearing the full dynamics of both pickups together. With Obsidian® auto split, your humbucker automatically splits into singlecoil mode when matched with your other singlecoils on the selector switch. - Requires split coil compatible humbuckers


Retain clarity at lower volumes. To make your tone crystal clear at lower volumes we include an Obsidian® Custom spec treble bleed mod. This prevents tone 'muddiness' at low volumes by allowing high frequencies to pass along a separate path to your amp, rather than being stopped short by the increasing resistance at the volume control.


The sweetest bell like Strat® tone. The Obsidian® 7-Way Switch allows you to play your neck and bridge pickups together for the sweetest bell like tones, or even all three pickups together. The switch is built in to your tone control by use of a push/pull pot, so no extra mods are required to your guitar.


HSS Mode: For Humbucker Bridge Pickup + Two Single Coils

5: Neck (250k) 4: Middle + Neck (250k) 3: Middle (250k) 2: Bridge humbucker in split mode + middle (250k) 1: Bridge humbucker in full mode (500k)

* Diagram includes options Gilmour Mod // Neck pickup 'ON' switch

Tone Controls

Control 1: Master Volume (auto splits 250 for Single coils & 500k for Humbucker) Control 2: Tone Control 1 (Neck & Middle) 250k No Load Pot & 0.022uf Capacitor Control 3: Tone Control 2 (Bridge) 500k Pot & 0.022uf Capacitor

Die Pickups


With all three pickups slightly overwound on Alnico V magnets, this set is designed to give a little more push.  Combining our Classic Blues single coils with our new Birmingham AC5 bridge humbucker. This set sizzles!

TRS3N / TRS3M / AC5B-F-spaced

Neck 6.3k / Mid 6.4k / Bridge 8.7k

The Look

Choose your favorite pickguard and knob combo.

Need inspiration?

Check out some of our favorite combos Here

Die Installation

Lötfreie Installation des geladenen Schlagbretts

Lötfreie Installation

Alle mit Obsidian® beladenen Schlagbretter ermöglichen eine schnelle und einfache lötfreie Installation mithilfe unserer eigenen lötfreien Pro-Wired™-Elektronik

Passend zu

Obsidian® -Schlagbretter für Stratocaster® sind so gefertigt, dass sie perfekt auf moderne Fender Strat®-Körper mit 11-Loch-Schlagbrettern passen. Bei anderen Korpussen, einschließlich Squier-, Import- und After-Market-Gitarren, müssen möglicherweise Anpassungen an der Verlegung oder Platzierung der Schraubenlöcher vorgenommen werden.

  • Montagelochmuster: Modern Fender 11 Loch
  • Steuerhohlraumführung: Passend für Original-Fender-Stratocaster
    Andere Gitarren müssen möglicherweise angepasst werden
  • Hohlraumtiefe: Mindestens 34 mm (1,26 Zoll)
    Eine 7-Wege-Verkabelung erfordert immer einen Hohlraum mit voller Tiefe um die Klangregler herum
  • Tonabnehmer-Hohlraumführung: Überprüfen Sie vor der Bestellung die Kompatibilität der Tonabnehmer. Mit Humbuckern bestückte Schlagbretter erfordern eine Humbucker-Zuführung in voller Größe.

The Shipping

ObsidianWire Custom Shop Item:

This item is part of our Custom Shop range, built to order, one at a time in Christchurch New Zealand.

Build Time: 5 - 10 Business Days

We aim to build all custom shop orders within 5 - 10 business days (excludes weekends and public holiday). If we expect any delays we will let you know as soon as possible.

Shipping: Ships direct from Christchurch, New Zealand

All custom shop items ship direct from Christchurch, New Zealand. Please allow extra time for International shipping. Check for additional info on our shipping policies below

Shipping Policies

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lee Gardner
Parcel tracking

How do I track the parcel as it’s not arrived thanks

Damion Kuret (Perth, AU)
in one word EPIC !

QUality product, delivered fast, especially in the midst pof the Christmass rush.
This loaded plate was just what i needed. Ive been loving my telecater lately and after installing the 4 way loaded plate, I've finally got everything i want from my tele! Installation was relatively easy, however ive had to reverse the plate position as fender didnt leave me much to work with the wire lengths but the new position is a lot more player friendly in my opinion.
Dont hesitate, get one and then youve got spare bits if needed in the future!!

Matt Fragale (Matthews, US)
Really great

TL;DR: Everything went great and the guitar sounds amazing now. 1000% improvement over the cheap Amazon loaded pickguard I replaced with this.

Used this loaded pickguard as part of my second attempt at rebuilding an inexpensive guitar. I originally used an el cheapo Amazon loaded pickguard and it sounded... I dunno.... not musical. The cheapo Amazon thing had good reviews, so possible I did something wrong or maybe just got a dud, but I couldn't make it work well. My expectations of it were about as low as my confidence in building this thing, but the switch didn't seem to work correctly and the tone controls didn't seem to work well either. It didn't seem like it was working correctly on top of not sounding good. Felt like maybe a ground problem, but I couldn't see anything obvious. Lesson learned about cheap Amazon stuff, I suppose.

Soooo I did more looking around and found these Obsidian Wire loaded pickguards. Watched a lot of videos and did a lot of reading of reviews and such and pulled the trigger.
Loaded this up and wired up the output and the ground wire. Did my set up on the guitar and just wow. It sounds amazing. I mean, obviously choice of pickups is important so if you think you'd be happy with the toneriders as I was, then you can't go too wrong with this set up. Just out of the box, it was perfect. Installation is a breeze and all the bits included are high quality and the pre-wiring is perfect. If you have specific pickups in mind, then I imagine just buying the electronics would also be helpful. Wiring so much cleaner and simpler than doing all the soldering. Not to mention easier to change stuff out if you want.

Also, the description is very specific about what guitars it will fit into. I used this in a 2008 Starcaster by Fender, which was probably purchased from Target for $150 including an amplifier. It was the big box store version of the Squier line, back in the day. The body is not quite full depth, but the routed out control cavities are full depth and this fit fine. The only adjustment I had to make was to fill and re-drill a few (like 4) of the pickguard mounting holes and trim 1mm off the guard where the bridge meets it to allow the vibrato to pivot without contacting it. However, I also replaced the vibrato with something aftermarket so it may have fit the original stamped piece. I don't know since I didn't' try. Otherwise, everything fit perfectly. So, you know... if you have something non-standard, do the measurements and with a little patience and perhaps a power tool or two, you can probably make this work.

On a side note, excellent communication from the company when I had a question prior to shipping. They were helpful and friendly and answered my question in a timely manner. Much appreciated! Great company to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again. Thanks, Obsidian people!

Lenin Silverio (Fremont, US)
Awesome company, Great Service!

ObsidianWire is an awesome company with great customer service and a very helpful staff.
When I modify or build another guitar I'm definitely coming back.
Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Pro-Wired™ Schlagbretter

  • Lötfreie Installation

    Schnelle und einfache Installation mit der lötfreien Verkabelung von Obsidian ®

  • Gebaut für Strat®

    Entwickelt als umfassendes Upgrade für Ihre Stratocaster®

  • Pro-Grade

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