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Bass Harness

Install help and guides for ObsidianWire Bass Wiring Harness

Easy. Not Instant.

For a secure connection,take your time, andfollow directions carefully.

Will it Fit?

Jazz Bass

Fits Genuine Fender sized, four hole control plates and knobs.

Will not fit Squier or ‘Metric’ sized plates and knobs.

Hole Size: 9.52mm (3/8”)
Control Hole Spacing: 35mm (1.38”)
Knob Size : Solid Shaft 6.35mm (1/4”) US SPEC

Layout Guide
Precision Bass

Fits Genuine Fender sized control plates and knobs.

Will fit Squier P Bass with adjustments and new knobs as below

Hole Size: 9.52mm (3/8”)
Control Hole Spacing: 52.5mm (2.06”)
Knob Size: Solid Shaft 6.35mm (1/4”) US SPEC

Wiring Diagrams

Jazz Bass

Insert wires to slots as below

1 = Bridge Pickup Ground
2 - Bridge Pickup Hot
3 = Neck Pickup Ground
4 = Neck Pickup Hot
All other ground wires to screw down ground connector

Precision Bass

Insert wires to slots as below

1 = Spare Ground (if present)
2 = Bridge / String Ground
3 = Pickup Ground
4 = Pickup Hot

Installing your new bass harness

1) Find Your Diagram

Find the correct diagram for your bass above.

Alternatively, you can download the full printable version for your bass below

Download Manual
2) Identify your pickup wires

For most pickups:
= White
Ground = Black

For different pickups you can check your pickup builders manual

More Pickup Info
3) Cut Out Your Old Harness

Cut the pickup, and ground wires from your old harness, and remove it from your bass.

Cut as close to the old harness as possible to maintain the length of your wires.

4) Prepare your wires

Strip pickup and ground wire insulation leaving 6mm (1/4”) of bare wire.

Be Precise

Twist loose strands of wire between your fingers to create a firm tip.

5) Press & Hold Connector Button

Use a fine screw driver to press and hold the connector button above the wire slot.

For a full guide on using the solder-less connectors, check below

Connector Guide
6) Insert Wire & Release Button

Insert the wire to the correct slot at a 45° angle.

Release the button and the wire should hold firmly.

Test the wire by giving it a gentle pull before moving on to the next wire.

More Help?

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