Solder-less Connectors

A guide to using the solder-less connector on your ObsidianWire harness

Easy. Not Instant.

For a secure connection, take your time, and follow directions carefully.

The main solder-less terminal

Prepare the Tip

Cut back wire insulation to 6mm (1/4")

Make this precise.

If it is too short it will not hold well in the connector.

If it is too long, it will create a weakness in the wire.

Twist Strands Together

Create a firm tip by twisting the loose strands together between your fingers.

The connector is made to fit a range of sizes.

Smaller wires such as those used by Seymour Duncan, all the way through to larger wires like these will work fine.

Press & Hold Button

Use a fine tip screw driver to press in the button above the wire slot.

This opens the internal connector ready to accept the wire.

Hold the button in for the next step.

Insert Wire at 45° Angle

Insert the wire at a 45° Angle

While still holding the button, insert the wire all the way up to the base of the insulation.

Once the wire is in, you can release the button which will hold the wire firmly.

Test as you go

Test each wire for a firm connection as you go.

If a wire pops out easily, re-check each step above and try again.

Keep it Clean

Take your time and be precise.

Each connection should be clean, with no visible bare wire left out of the connector.

A Guide to
Removing Wires

To remove wires we have to press in the button above each wire, as you pull it out.

1) Press and hold button above the wire slot

2) Gently pull the wire free

3) Repeat this for each wire you would like to remove

Note: NEVER pull hard on the wires. If the wire breaks inside your harness, the slot may not work again.

Using the Spare Ground Posts

1) Open the post by backing out the top screw

2) Feed the bare section of wire(s) into the post

3) Screw down (firm but not tight) on top for a secure connection.

Note: These are also useful for braided wire, where the entire braided section can be fed through the post.

Using Solder-less Connectors