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ST Blender 250k

Custom Blender for Strat®

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Super Easy, Solder-less Install
Key Features:

  • Stratocaster Blender Mod
  • Play Neck + Bridge Pickups Together
  • Master Tone
  • Master Volume
  • Fits Fender® Strat®
  • Fits Squier® Strat® with Adjustments



    ObsidianWire Strat Blender Wiring Harness
    ObsidianWire Strat blender wiring mod
    Video demo of the ObsidianWire Blender Mod wiring harness for Strat, with a comparison to a standard Telecaster, Install and demo video of the ObsidianWire Blender harness mod for Stratocaster.

    Harness Details


    Super Easy, Solder-less Install
    All Obsidian® Pro-Wired Electronics are super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with Obsidian® Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors.

    Strat Blender Wiring Mod - for your Stratocaster® 


    The Obsidian® Custom Blender for Strat® is the solder-less, Strat blender wiring harness, with a Stratocaster® blender mod built in.

    With a master volume and master tone control the Custom Blender Harness packs your traditional Strat® tones into a smaller space, leaving the third tone control free.

    This becomes the blender control, adding the ability to blend the neck and bridge pickups in together. This is amazing for adding a range of musical mids to your lead tone (like the bell like effects David Gilmour gets in his signature Strat) or for adding some twang to your rhythm, just like you find in the middle position on a Tele®. When you need a complete wall of sound, you can even mix all three pickups together by flicking the five way switch to position 2 or 4


    Retain clarity at lower volumes. To make your tone crystal clear at lower volumes we include an Obsidian® Custom spec treble bleed mod. This prevents tone 'muddiness' at low volumes by allowing high frequencies to pass along a separate path to your amp, rather than being stopped short by the increasing resistance at the volume control.


    An even tone and volume control taper all the way from zero to ten. Obsidian® tone and volume controls incorporate carefully selected and custom-built components, as well as our own clever mods to smooth out the taper of your tone and volume controls, so you get a more even roll off all the way from zero to 10.


     Switch Positions Blender Control ON (Position 1)

    1: Bridge + Neck
    2: Bridge & Middle + Neck
    3: Middle
    4: Neck & Middle + Bridge
    5: Neck + Bridge

    When it is time to ease back to your traditional switch positions, simply roll the blender knob off, and it will remove itself completely from the circuit. 

    Switch Positions Blender Control OFF (Position 10): 

    1: Bridge Pickup
    2: Bridge & Middle Pickup
    3: Middle Pickup
    4: Neck & Middle Pickup
    5: Neck Pickup

    Control Layout 

    Switch: 5 - Way
    Control 1: Master Volume
    Control 2: Master Tone (All three pickups)
    Control 3: Blender Control (Adds Neck or Bridge)



    Potentiometers: Obsidian® Custom CTS® Pots 250K (+/-10%) Split Shaft / 24 Spline

    Capacitors: (150 Series Polyester Film 0.022UF)(+/-5%)

    Switch: Genuine Oak®5 Way Switch

    Jack: Pro-Wired Switchcraft®J11 Mono



    • Fender® Stratocaster® - Direct Fit // Right Hand Guitar Only
    • Squier® Stratocaster® - Widen Control holes to 10mm & replace knobs
    • Knobs: Requires US spec 24 spline knobs
    • Pickups: Built for three single coil pickups


    • Left Handed Guitars // Any guitar not described above


    For install help and other resources please go to our Info Hub.


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    Pro-Wired Loaded Pickguards  

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    • Pro-Grade Quality

      The absolute best guitar wiring upgrades, using custom specified parts and perfected techniques to ensure that your harness will be an upgrade for you and your guitar. Every time.

    • Solderless Install

      Super easy to install, and allow for solder-less pickup changes with Obsidian® Plug, Play & Enjoy connectors.

    • Greater Functionality

      Guitar electronics that will deliver a greater range of sounds from your pickups, with more switching options, and more dynamic setups to suit your guitar.

    • Improved Sound

      Guitar wiring that allows the full dynamic range of your pickups, and just as importantly, help find a harness that is matched to you.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 65 reviews
    Patrick Szabo (Barberton, US)
    Install Time: 0 - 10 minutes
    Build Quality:
    Very bad
    Same as stock
    Greater range of sounds

    Amazingly easy to install. Works great. Will be upgrading all of my guitars to these harnesses.

    Richard Lynch (Phoenix, US)
    Install Time: 0 - 10 minutes
    Build Quality:
    Very bad
    Same as stock
    Greater range of sounds
    No Solder...? No Problem...!

    The time it took to drop in Obsidians harness was a fraction of the time it took to remove existing harness and prep for the drop in...😃


    Seemless install and best upgrade I’ve ever made to my Strat!

    Martin Robledo
    Is not working properly

    For some reason after installing this with new pickups the volume is not as great as I was told it would be

    Christopher Baker
    I rarely leave a review,

    I rarely leave a review, but I was really impressed with this obsidian wire blender kit.
    I've got zero experience in guitar electronics, so I was a little bit nervous going in as I was going to be working on my American Strat and not one of my cheaper guitars.
    I found everything to be really straightforward. It's basically plugging 8-10 wires into a junction box. I would advise watching as many YouTube videos as you can before you perform the work. This helped me MASSIVELY. I didn't know anything about the wiring in a strat, or a guitar in general, so getting to understand what each is was really helpful.
    On opening the blender set, you'll find everything is so tidy and organised, and of good quality.
    Anyway, definitely a recommendation. Just watch some YouTube vids first if you're not experienced in opening your guitar up.