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The Solderless Guitar Wiring Harness

"At ObsidianWire we set out to produce the world's best guitar wiring harness...and we make them completely solder-less"
- Mathew, Owner

Delivering Excellence


    In Quality

    ObsidianWire is super passionate about producing the absolute best solderless guitar wiring harness. Our guitar electronics are professionally built in house by a skilled team using

    • Custom Obsidian® Pots by CTS® (+/10%)
    • Oak® Switches
    • Switchcraft® Jacks
    • Polyester Film Capacitors

    We only use the absolute best parts to build your new wiring harness, and use the only best tools and craftsmen to do the job.

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    In Sound

    We create solderless guitar wiring that allows the full dynamic range of your pickups to flow, but the true joy is in finding a harness that is matched to you.

    • Matched to your style
    • Matched to your pickups
    • Increased clarity & range

    Obsidian® builds a range of wiring harness upgrades with different switch combos, and advanced wiring techniques to bring the best out of your pickups.

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  • Obsidian Wire | Traditional Vintage Plus for Strat® | Buy direct from the ObsidianWire Strore

    In Functionality

    We build guitar electronics that are easy to install, and a joy to play.

    • Easy Install
    • Easy Pickup Changes
    • More Switching Options
    • More Useable controls

    Obsidian® builds guitar wiring harnesses that are super easy to install, and to play with tone and volume controls with a more useable range, and advanced switching to get more sounds from your guitar.

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Finding the perfect sound is an easier task when you have your dream guitar in your hands. And when it comes to guitars, the electronics are a key component of making that happen.

Here at Obsidian, we create world class, easily installed guitar electronics that are completely solderless. That means that you can install your new solderless wiring harness, or do solder-less pickup changes at home in 10 minutes!

We build our growing range of guitar wiring kits with some crazy cool switching options and clever tone and volume controls, that are designed to help you find your sound.

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