Install Help for Les Paul®

Find tips, tricks and advice for installing ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics in your LP®


1. Checklist
2. Compatibility
3. Install Procedure

Getting ready
Removing your old harness
Installing your new harness
Securing your wires

4. Vintage Braided Wire Install
5. Install Diagrams
6. Pickup Wire Color Codes  




Before we get started: 


 Check your new harness will fit. Check this against the hole spacing diagram HERE
 Check you have the correct knobs (Use Only US Spec 24 spline knobs)
 Check you have your pickup wire color codes. Find these below, or ask your pickup builder.
 Check you have the tools you need. You will need:

    • Pair of wire cutters
    • Fine, flat head screw driver
    • Small Philips head screw driver for jack cover screws
    • Socket or wrench for the pot (potentiometer) nuts

 Once you have everything you need, you can find the appropriate instructions below, and we can get started on installing your new Pro-Wired Electronics in your LP®.






Fits Gibson® & Epiphone® Les Paul® ONLY - See Notes Below

Always Check Hole Spacing against diagram HERE.

All ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics for Les Paul require:

 US spec 24 spline knobs FIND HERE
 3/8" (9.5mm) mounting holes


Model Compatibility 

Gibson® Les Paul® - Direct Fit // Right Hand Guitars Only

Epiphone® Les Paul® - Check Hole Spacing against diagram HERE  - You will also need to widen the control holes out to 10mm and get new US Spec, 24 spline knobs to fit the higher grade electronics. // Right Hand Guitars Only

Three Pickup Les Paul - DOES NOT FIT

Les Paul Copies - DOES NOT FIT



Tele Deluxe - DOES NOT FIT

Left Hand Guitars - DOES NOT FIT

Any Other Guitar - DOES NOT FIT


Pickup Compatibility

Vintage MKII for Les Paul® - Works with vintage style braided shield wire or modern 3 & 4 conductor wires.

Custom SC (Split Coil) for Les Paul® - Requires modern 3 & 4 conductor wires. Will work with vintage braided wire - without split coil function.

Traditional Vintage 50's for Les Paul® Works with vintage style braided shield wire or modern 3 & 4 conductor wires.




The Install Procedure: 


Important: We know your excited to get this thing installed, but please take care. It is a technical task, that requires due care and attention.

Take it slow, and enjoy the process.


Getting ready

1) Find the appropriate install wiring diagram below. These diagrams are specific to each product so ensure you use the correct one.

2) Find the correct pickup wire colour codes below, or from your pickup builders manual. 

3) Check the Pro-Wired Electronics will fit your Les Paul. Check the hole spacing diagram HERE, & ensure hole control holes are 3/8" / 9.52mm.


Removing your old harness

1) Clip the pickup, ground output jack and switch wires from the harness. Cut these cleanly, and as close to possible to the existing wiring harness, to ensure there is enough length to reach your new Pro-Wired Electronics.

2) Gently remove your knobs from the harness, and undo all of the existing mounting nuts for the control pots (potentiometers), switch and jack. 

3) Remove the pots, jack and switch from your guitar and set them aside.


Installing your new harness

1) Set the nut height on your control pots. The correct height will depend on your cavities depth. As a guide set the nuts around halfway for an Epiphone® or just a touch off the harness for a Gibson®. 

The pot shafts should be raised just above the body once installed.

2) Install the switch & secure with the hardware provided. Feed the wire through the body so the cable reaches through to the control cavity.

This should be pushed through, not pulled. Pulling can cause the cable jacket to slip off.

3) Secure your new jack to the jack plate, and feed the cable through the jack cavity. Fix the jack plate to the body.


Securing the wires

Important: Take care with this step. The solder-less connectors are easy to use, and hold wires securely, but they should never be rushed, or forced. This will cause damage.

1) Find your wiring diagram below 

2) Get your pickup wire colour codes below, or from your pickup builders install manual

3) Strip back pickup wire insulation leaving 6mm (1/4”) of bare wire. Tightly twist strands together to produce a straight and firm wire end.

Note - proper wire prep will ensure an easy install and secure connection.

4) Gently but firmly press & hold associated connector button with a fine screw driver.

5) Insert wire at a 45 degree angle, into corresponding connector slot & release button. 

Wires should hold securely in the connector. Ensure there are no loose wire strands that could cause shorting, and that the bare section wire is fully inserted in the terminal.

Each slot should hold one wire only. All bare ground / shield wires should go to the screw down connectors per step 6.

6) Insert ground wires to the screw down connectors and screw down to secure. These connectors can handle multiple wires.


Vintage type braided Wire


ObsidianWire Pro-Wired Electronics for Les Paul® are designed to also work perfectly with vintage style braided shield cable. For these pickups

      • Inner core wire = Hot
      • Outer Braid = Ground

You will need to strip back the outer braid (ground) from the end of the cable, to ensure good separation from the inner core (hot), to avoid shorting.

The entire cable can then be fed through the screw down ground connector 




Install Diagrams:


You can find the correct diagram for your harness and pickups below.

We have included all of our current models. You can find install diagrams for legacy products HERE




Pickup Color Codes:


We have compiled pickup wire color info for the most popular pickups below. Find your pickups on the list, or work with your pickup builder to work out which wire is which.